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We know finding a high quality Medicaid drug rehab can be difficult. There is hope and many people are surprised to find there are facilities close to them that can accept medicaid for drug rehab. We are dedicated to helping people with Medicaid find substance abuse treatment and other resources to help them recover for little or no cost. We also work with a network of health insurance brokers who can help you find affordable health insurance that can cover the cost of treatment. We are not affiliated with the government or Medicaid , but rather we are a private institution who main focus if to help people with Medicaid find drug rehabs and resources to help them get better.

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Facts About Medicaid Drug Rehab

Finding a Medicaid Drug Rehab can be difficult especially when looking online. It seems no one can help without private insurance or a large cash payment. We built this site to help those with medicaid or low income connect to recovery services and drug treatment centers that will work within their financial ability. This includes Medicaid Drug Rehabs, Medicaid alcohol rehabs, recovery coaches, holistic addiction supplements, and more. Medicaid drug rehab will try to help where others cant. Another Great resource is SAMHSA’s substance treatment finder, it will show you treatment centers based on the location you search. We also have a Medicaid Drug Rehab Locator that features facilities that accept Medicaid.


Medicaid is a government funded health insurance for low income persons with disabilities.
The Health Insurance Marketplace sometimes referred to as ObamaCare is a government regulated online health insurance marketplace. Here you can find insurance policies based on you income and medical needs. The policies on here offer great benefits for Drug Rehab and offer subsidies for those who qualify.
It is possible to go to a Medicaid Drug Rehab outside you home state. Going outside you home state can be helpful in recovering from addiction.
Many people who cannot afford treatment often find that 12 step meeting can be very helpful. Recently their have been a large increase in the availability of recovery coaches as well. These are certified support specialist that provide recovery support for usually a fraction of a cost of most private drug treatment centers. There have been some major advancements in holistic supplements as well.
We are a private entity who connect those looking for treatment with Medicaid Drug Rehabs and other recovery resources that can work with their insurance and budget.
No. We are a private organisation helping connect addicts to treatment resources.

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